Outlook Springs

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Hello from Outlook Springs!

Send us your weird, wobbly wordwork: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. See genres for specific submission guidelines, but here's a quick rundown:

- Please only one submission at a time.
- Please submit only twice a Reading Period.
- Of course simultaneous submissions are OK. They should always be OK.
- Payment is $10 for poems, $25 for prose. (Via PayPal)
- Double-spaced, Times New Roman is good, but hey, you do you!
- Please don't hide any curses or hexes in your semi-colons (ahem, Dave)
- See our site for some examples of what we publish (www.outlooksprings.com)
- No counterfeit exclamation points or hyphens, please (ahem, Fi'borgblamoth the False)

Our next issue is Outlook Springs National Park. Depending on fluctuations and disruptions in Space/Time, it should be released in January.

Questions? Email outlookspringsnh@gmail.com

Thanks for submitting. Thanks for reading. Thanks for everything!