Ends on August 15, 2018

We love creative nonfiction in all its forms and variations. Send us your memoirs. Send us your Montaigne-esque ramblings. Send us your travel narratives, your lyrical essays, your personal essays, and everything in between. If it’s real, if it’s interesting, if it’s well-written and gives us a new and exciting way to see the world (or – even better—inside your head), then we’ll publish it. While we gravitate toward traditional narratives, that’s only because the vast majority of submissions follow those conventions. If your writing is non-linear, experimental, or so far out there that you don’t even know what is it, send it in; we’re always looking for work that is pushing the boundaries of form and genre. If you’re funny, even better. Funny is not the end-all and be-all of what we publish, but it doesn’t hurt.

Send us your best work.